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Dear Friends and Family,

We are sad to inform you that our mother and grandmother, LaRita Jean Archibald, left our world this morning due to complications of old age.


She was 91 and, until the last month or so, was self-sufficient and relishing the time she had left, which she knew was short. We will miss her, but we will always cherish her memory and recall her many kindnesses to family and friends, and to the many strangers she helped grieve the death of a loved one. She loved life and all of us and she maintained her sassy sense of humor until the very end.


Her sons and grandchildren will be organizing a memorial service to celebrate her life and we will be sure to inform you of the time and place in the next few weeks.

Sad Regards,

Craig, Curtis and Kevin Archibald



To offer empathy, comfort, relief from

isolation, and to role model healthy

adjustment to the loss in a safe,

judgment-free environment to anyone

touched by suicide.


To resolve the grief for the cause of

the death in order to achieve healthy

reconciliation with the loss, to restore

hope, joy and wholeness within the lives

of suicide bereaved.


All participants are survivors, normalizes suicide grief, validates suicide loss,

defines grief work after suicide,

role models resolution, assures 

suicide is survivable.

Disclaimer: HEARTBEAT is not a substitute for professional mental health assistance.  If you or someone you care about is suicidal, call your physician, your local mental health agency, 911, or 1-800-SUICIDE immediately.

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